Healthy Schools Gang

The WNHSS was launched in 1999 to encourage the development of local healthy school schemes within a national framework. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises the WNHSS as playing a key role in promoting the health of children and young people, and the scheme has been rolled out across Wales since 2000.

The WNHSS describes a health promoting school as one which ‘actively promotes, protects and embeds the physical, mental and social health and well being of its community through positive action’. Our school has been awarded the Healthy Schools Phase 5 award in 2019 through the hard work and dedication of our Healthy Schools Gang!

The Healthy Schools Gang meets at lunch times and strives to promote seven different health topics within our school. These include:

  • Food and Fitness
  • Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being
  • Personal Development and Relationships
  • Substance Use and Misuse
  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Hygiene